Afterschool Assistance is on Tuesdays from 2:15-3:15.  See me if you need writing assistance!

Thursday, October 19

Today we learned about how setting affects plot and started our setting travel flyer on “The Wounded Wolf.”  This is a partner activity.

Homework:  Keep reading! 

Wednesday, October 18

Today we completed a creative setting project.  Working in teams, students used a google doc to write a poem describing the setting of an image.  Each team presented their idea to the class.

Homework:  Read please.  Return any missing camp forms!

Tuesday, October 17

Today we took notes on setting and applied this knowledge to the narrative “The Circuit” (all notes were in our English OneNote).  We also read “The Wounded Wolf” in our orange literature books to prepare for our setting studies.

Homework:  Keep reading every night!  Read “The Wounded Wolf” (page 482 in your orange literature book) if you were absent.

Monday, October 16

Today we took the Lexile Reading Inventory to learn more about our reading levels.  Students had the opportunity to write down titles of books at their level.  We then finished our commonalities poster to find similar themes, conflicts, and character traits across three different texts.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes!  Please see me for practice with writing on Tuesdays.  If you received a 7 or 6.5 on your writing prompt, you can earn up to a B- (8 out of 10) if you come in and REVISE and edit.

Friday, October 13

Today we set goals after reflecting on our P1 grades, reviewed annotation strategies, and worked as a team to find commonalities between three texts with similar topics.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  Please bring back camp forms!

Thursday, October 12

Today students wrote an on-demand prompt proving the theme in “The Lion and the Boar.”  We created an online notebook (OneNote) and practiced printing resources to this virtual binder.

Homework:  Keep reading 20 minutes each night.

Wednesday, October 11

Today we read “The Lion and the Boar” by Aesop and completed a brainstorming sheet (with peer support) to prepare for tomorrow’s on demand writing prompt.  (One complete body paragraph proving the theme).  We also reviewed transition words and students practiced choosing correct transitions in an online practice.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  Make sure you have a complete brainstorming sheet to prove the theme for “The Lion and the Boar.”

Tuesday, October 10

Today we read the narrative “The Circuit” by Francisco Jimenez (page 66 in your orange literature book) and practiced finding themes and proving them with evidence and reasoning.

Homework:  Keep reading 20 minutes (bring your book to class also!).  Please turn in green camp forms!  Also, we are writing an on-demand prompt in class on Thursday.  Brainstorming is in class tomorrow!

Monday, October 9

Today we completed a PBnJ organization overhaul.  We cleaned out binders, backpacks, and jars of tools.  There will a PBnJ check this week that goes onto your new citizenship!

We reviewed theme and practiced proving a theme in “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”  The biggest struggle is with reasoning/commentary/ explanation.  PLEASE SEE ME AFTERSCHOOL ON TUESDAYS IF YOU NEED MORE HELP.

Homework:  Please read 20 minutes each night.  See me for extra help with explaining evidence if you are stuck!  We will have a writing prompt this week!!

Wednesday, October 4

Today we took the character/capitalization quiz, read independently, and created an Active Inspire slide on the character Roger’s transformation in the narrative “Miss Awful.”

Homework:  Read 20 minutes. Turn in the green camp form ASAP.

Tuesday, October 3

Today we completed a writing reflection and set goals after looking at our first essay comments.  We played a game to review for our quiz tomorrow.  We read “Miss Awful” to prepare for a discussion on dynamic characters and how they change throughout the plot.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  Review for the character/capitalization quiz tomorrow.

Monday, October 2

Today we completed a practice on-demand writing to prove a character trait.  We also reviewed capitalization rules and character vocabulary.

Homework: Read 20 minutes! (Reading in class is not a part of this). Please turn in the green camp form as soon as possible.  Review for the character/capitalization quiz on Wednesday. 

Thursday, September 28

Today we learned about 8 important vocabulary terms, practicing identifying character traits, and started a partner activity to prove a character’s trait.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes!  (Reading in class is not a part of this).  Please turn in the green camp form as soon as possible.

Wednesday,  September 27

Today we played Kahoot to review plot and conflict and we completed a plot diagram on Greyling to keep as a sample in our binder.

Homework:  See me if you missed Friday’s essay review quiz.  Read 20 minutes. 

Tuesday, September 26

Today we reviewed the five main conflicts and learned about the series of events in plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution).  We read the narrative “Licked” by Paul Jennings and practiced identifying the parts of plot.

Homework:  See me if you missed Friday’s essay review quiz.  Read 20 minutes.  If you did not already do so, read “Greyling” on page 291 of your orange literature book.

Monday, September 25

Today we learned about conflict in narrative and read “Greyling” by Jane Yolen. 

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  If you were absent, read “Greyling” on page 290 in your orange literature book.

Friday, September 22

Today we reviewed context clues, took a essay structure quiz on Google, and finished our inspirational posters.  Happy Friday! 

Homework:  Keep reading 20 minutes each night.  See me if you missed the quiz.

Thursday, September 21

Today we reviewed the structure of an essay and the main genres of fiction. 

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  Be prepared for tomorrow’s essay structure quiz on Google.  Bring your charged computer!

Wednesday, September 20

Today we played Kahoot to review the structure of an essay, we introduced and discussed the three main types of genres:  narrative, informational, and poetry, and we had a short reading time.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  Please turn in any missing essays.

Tuesday, September 19 

Today students printed their shades of me essays and had some time to work on a group inspirational quote based on the first weeks readings.

Homework: Read 20 minutes.

Monday, September 18

Today we learned how to organize online file folders, how to type a professional Microsoft Word document, and brainstormed common themes between the texts we have read to summarize the end of our first unit.

Homework:  Finish typing your Shades of Me essay.  Due tomorrow!  Read your essay aloud. Make MORE revisions and edits!  We are aiming for ACE work:  Attention to detail, catchy and appealing, and error-free.

Charge your computer.  See your first period teacher for computer issues.

Friday, September 15

Today we read the article “Katie’s Krops” and worked with teammates to brainstorm a common theme between all the texts we have read in the “Who Are We” unit.  We also retrieved our laptops and went through computer care rules.

Homework:  Bring your rough draft for typing on Monday. Bring a CHARGED computer!

Thursday, September 14

Today we finished our second drafts of Shades of me, played an essay structure review game, and completed peer editing.

Homework:  Bring your full rough draft to class tomorrow for credit.  Keep reading 20 minutes each night!  Computer forms need to be in – we get computers tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 13

Today was a minimum day, so we had time to begin our rough drafts (on lined paper) of our Shades of Me essays.  Revisions to vocabulary, details, and over flow should be made on this second draft.

Homework:  You will have 15 minutes to finish your rough draft in class.  If you are behind, work on writing up part of your draft at home tonight.  (You should try to have the introduction and body written).

Tuesday, September 12

We learned about conclusion paragraphs (TAG:  Thesis again, abbreviate main reason, grab the reader one last time) and discussed ways to “spicify” our writing with more precise adjectives and verbs.

Homework:  Finish your conclusion paragraph.  We will write a rough draft on lined paper tomorrow and begin revising and editing.  The final paper will be typed on Monday with the new computers.  PAPERS are due on Tuesday, September 19th.

Monday, September 11

We spent another session on developing our Shades of Me body paragraph.  Students should have a rough draft of the introduction and body paragraph.

Homework:  Catch up on any parts of your Shades of Me essay (introduction and body paragraph).

Wednesday, September 6

We reviewed our brainstorming sheet for the Shades of Me essay and began to explore synonyms for commonly used words.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes. Revise your brainstorming sheet to make it more detailed.  We will begin the introduction tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 5

Today we brainstormed a symbol for our Shades of Me essay and started the brainstorming sheet.  We tested our knowledge of vocabulary with a quick Family Feud, and exchanged numbers with study buddies.

Shades of Me Info Sheet

Homework:  Finish and extend your Shades of Me brainstorming sheet. The more info, the better!

Friday, September 1

Today we finished our mind mirrors and started brainstorming our own symbols for the Shades of Me paper we will start on Tuesday.

Homework:  Brainstorm an idea for your own symbol.  Keep reading for your reading log. (You log a book once you have finished it).

Thursday, August 31

Today we reviewed symbolism and how people can be represented by ordinary objects.  We read “Charles” and analyzed the main characters internal traits.

Homework:  Begin reading 20 minutes each night.  You need to read 7 books and 5 informational nonfiction articles semester 1.

Wednesday, August 30

Today we reviewed the class reading log and read two poems to prepare for our first paper essay about symbols and character traits (More info to follow).

Homework:  Begin reading 20 minutes each night.  You need to read 7 books and 5 informational nonfiction articles semester 1.

Tuesday, August 29

Today we played a name game, reviewed class procedures, and checked out the class library.

Homework: Please bring an independent reading book to class by Thursday.

Monday, August 28

Welcome to the English block!  In this class, we will have ample time to explore English, but we will also include many elements of technology, art, and creativity.  Today we learned about class expectations (including the word apathy) and we participated in activities such as Hello Bingo to learn more about each other.

Homework:  Please read through your syllabus packet and return the last page to your FIRST PERIOD TEACHER.


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