Social Studies



Please see me if you need a fix-it on the Early Hominid Quiz.  I will be after school tomorrow until 3:15.

Mysteries of Catal Huyuk

Life at Catal Huyuk



Please finish reviewing the online quizzes that we started in class.

Log into and use the keyword: SQ6 HP1   and   SQ6 HP2

Early Hominid quiz is tomorrow.  You will be turning in your “skull” study guide as well.


The Ozti Frame is due at the start of class tomorrow.

1. Discovery/Artifacts:

Where was Ozti discovered? Who discovered him? When? How?

What artifacts were discovered with them? What can they tell us about them?

2. Theories:

What theories do scientists have about who Ozti was?

How did he die?

Why Ozti was in the area he was?

3. Questions:   At least 5 thoughtful questions.

What questions do you still have

for scientists about what they have discovered or how they discovered it?

4. Inference:

Which hominid do you believe Otzi belongs to?

Support with evidence.

5.  Image in the center colored.  Frame should be cut out.

Remember the Early Hominid quiz is this Friday.  Your “skull” study guide is due cut out as well.


Great job on the Africa map quiz on Friday.

Continue to work on your “skull” study guide.  It is due this Friday in class.  Be sure to cut it out.

As you work on the study guide, review your notes and textbook for your Early Hominid  quiz this Friday. 10/13

Your Ozti Frame is due this Wednesday at the end of class.  Cut out and colored.

You will have a partner journal grade this Thursday.  I will be here after school tomorrow if you need help with your notes.

Wednesday is a minimum day.


Remember to continue to review for your Africa map quiz this Friday.

Have you been reviewing your notes?  Are your notes up to date?

Otzi Framework Research:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4



Africa map quiz is October 6th. Please review each night using the blank side of your map and a dry erase marker along with the sheet protector I provided.

We will continue to discuss What is History and will begin our Early Man unit this week.


Africa map is due labeled and colored on Monday.


Please read pages 6-11 in your textbook.  Remember to review your captions, charts, maps as well.

9/12/17  Half Day  Fire Drill tomorrow in 3rd period

Remember to review pages H1 in your textbook for your quiz on Thursday. Also review the terms and plotting locations on your hand out.  We will continue working on our globes.  Our globes should be able to finish plotting by Thursday at the end of class,


Exciting week.  We had our first map quiz and started our Globe Project.  Continue to review your latitude and longitude notes.  Our quiz will be next Thursday.

We will be working on plotting the world over the next week or so.

August 2107

WOW- What a great week!

You did an awesome job dealing with the heat and flowing through your schedule.

I will use this site to remind you of important dates, up and coming project deadlines, and quizzes/ tests.

Please use your planner to record your daily work at the start of class.

Continue to review your continents and oceans for the quiz on Tuesday. Remember that I will grade on location, spelling, and capitalization.

We started to learn how to locate exact locations on our globe using latitude and longitude. With this skill, we can find an exact address anywhere in the world.

We started our globe project next. We will work in groups of three.

It is important that you work as a team and support each other as you find the exact locations of our continents and begin to plot our world.




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