Email this weekend if you have questions or concerns about camp.
  1. Start thinking about a topic for an argumentative letter.  We will begin our new writing project after Spring Break.
Your Grammar Quiz is tomorrow- Are you prepared?
We started our Argumentative Unit today.
Who are my Grammar Geeks?  Keep studying.  Quiz Friday!
Grammar Quiz this Friday.
Is your Weebly done?
Continue to review for your grammar quiz!  Most likely next Friday.
Your Weebly is due tomorrow.
Have you and your partner finished your Freedom Kite?
Read Across America is this Friday.  Please bring your favorite Dr. Seuss or children’s book.
Butter Braids money orders are due this Friday.
Fun Run has been rescheduled for April 11th which is a minimum day.
Great job today working through the hiccups with Weebly.  We will continue to work on it after we all finish our benchmark on Monday.
Weebly websites are due on Tuesday.
Remember to get a good nights sleep Sunday and eat a healthy breakfast on Monday.
Our Grammar Test will on Friday, March 2nd.  We will review the items on Monday in class. However, you can start looking at your notes this weekend.
You and your partners should be able to finish your Freedom Kites in the 15 minutes we have tomorrow in class if you have used your time wisely.
We will take our next Benchmark next Monday, February 26th.
Continue to read 20 minutes each night to increase your stamina and comprehension.
Please complete your Action Plan this evening.
Describe how you will use this research to make a difference, leave a positive influence on someone, or show that knowledge is power.
Remember to use a complete paragraph!
We will continue to work on our websites in class tomorrow.
Job well done!
Thank you for all of your hard work this past few months on your informational research report.
You should have turned in your paper today on Google Classroom.
I also collected your rubric, rough draft packet, t-notes,and bibliography sheet.
Remember that your Action Plan idea is due on Wednesday.
Charge your computers and have them with you on Tuesday.  We will start looking at building our websites.
Please continue to read over the break.
Enjoy your extra long weekend.
One more day for of Acts of Kindness.  Continue to show kindness.
Your final draft is due tomorrow along with your notes and hand written rough draft.
Revise and edit your paper sentence by sentence.
1. Convert all contractions into full form.

don’t —–> do not   or    shouldn’t ——> should not

2. Change all second person (you) to appropriate synonyms.

you —-> one, people, individuals, citizens, society, the community…

3. Erase all obvious, mundane facts or revise to make them

4.  Make sure your are not randomly placed in your paragraph.

5.  Be sure that your quote fits your idea and belongs in your paragraph.

Review the rubric your were given.


Works cited sites:
MLA format:
Billiken, Billy. Personal interview. 1 Dec. 2014.   INTERVIEW
NASA Video Reveals How 35 Years of Trash Turned Into Ocean Garbage. Patches. (2015). Participant Media.   VIDEONational Geographic. (2014). Great Pacific Garbage Patch. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Feb. 2018].    WEBSITENewman, P. (2014). Plastic,Ahoy!. Millbrook Press.   BOOK
After school help is tomorrow.  If you are missing your informational analysis or need help with your informational research paper- you should be here.
Final Draft is due this Thursday, 2/15.
Your entire paper should be completed for tomorrow.
Check out the rubric that is posted on Google Classroom.
1. Paraphrase thesis – LAST sentence in your introduction.

2. Summarize the topics from bodies 1 and 2.

3. Summarize the topic from body 3

4. Write a final hook or appeal to the readers’ emotions.


It is important to understand and learn about cyberbullying, its impact, and ways to prevent it. Since online bullying is a serious issue, experts are exploring how it harms many citizens in our society. Cyberbullying affects the emotions and self-esteem of people, so experts have teamed together to find ways to protect individuals from these threats. Ultimately, if Internet users pay attention to the signs that experts warn about, we can stop cyberbullying in its tracks.
Please finish your body #3 over the weekend.
Your final informational report is due next Thursday, 2/15
Please complete and type your body #2 tonight in your Google doc.
Please continue to type your introduction and body paragraph #1 for tomorrow.
They will be stamped tomorrow.
Concluding sentence:
Brings to a conclusion what you talked about in the paragraph.  Look back at your facts and ask yourself, ” Because of these things happening,what conclusion can I draw?”
Polar bears are endangered for many reasons.  For example, the effects of global warming are deteriorating their habitat…
CS: If these harsh conditions continue, the polar bear will not continue to survive.
CS: As a result of our actions, polar bears are getting closer to extinction.
CS: Sadly, polar bears are dying out in mammoth numbers.
Please complete you body #1 paragraph-not the conclusion!
1. You should have numbered and combined your facts in a logical order.
2. Remember your transitions.
See your list I gave you today.
3. Introduce your direct quotes.

According to the article (title), “_______.”The article (title) states, “________”.

One scientist argued “________”(Source).

One expert claimed ” _________”(Source).

Researchers have discovered that “_____”(Source).

A huge thank you to the families that have donated items to our classroom to help keep us healthy!
Complete your Topic Sentences for Monday.

What is lung cancer?Lung cancer is a devastating disease that affects many lives yearly.

What are facts or statistics about lung cancer?

Researchers have discovered many important statistics about lung cancer.

What causes lung cancer?

Because lung cancer happens around the world, it is important to study the causes of this illness.

How can lung cancer be prevented?

Once scientists learn what causes this disease, it is important to understand ways to prevent lung cancer.


Complete your Introduction paragraph tonight on your research packet.
Thesis samples:

__________________is an issue that affects our society, but studying its negativeimpact can help the world make steps toward change.


Although the ________________________is an intriguing animal that has a unique diet, habitat, and physical appearance, its existence continues to be
threatened every day.

Cause and Effect:

Since ___________________continues to impact our world, it is important to

understand the various causes, effects, and ways to prevent it.

Chronological: (Biography):

It is important to learn the significant life events of memorable individuals

such as ___________________________, so society can build a better appreciation and understanding of individuals who have made a difference.

Sample introduction:

Imagine being snatched away from your family, taken to a foreign country, and sold as a pet. This is a typical scenario in the illegal animal trade. Exotic, and often endangered animals, continue to be subjected to harsh, inhumane conditions. Illegal animal trade is forcing animal populations around

the globe to crawl closer and closer to extinction.

Let’s practice:
Due tomorrow:
Three Solid Questions with 15-20 detailed facts and at least 5 sources.
Find an internet source type,Book, and non-text (interview,video,movie,etc).
Last few days of the semester.  Be sure to have finished finding your sources.
Did you turn in your reading logs?  Did you total them? Did you remember to put your name on them?
Where are your camp forms?  Parents need to sign and fill out ALL the information asked.
For an extra credit point, show your parent/guardian your questions. Have them sign and write a comment about your topic.
Your informational analysis will be the first grade of the new semester on Monday.
Some need to do a fix it on it on Tuesday after school.
Camp Assembly is tomorrow.
We could really use Kleenex tissue, Lysol spray, and Clorox Wipes for our room.
4/5 Block: We will start collecting donations for “Every Hero Needs a Squad” fundraiser tomorrow.  Please bring any spare change you can.  More details tomorrow.
Your informational analysis should be turned in.
Grammar Quiz is next Tuesday, January 23rd
Reading Log is due complete with all genres and totaled pages on the January 23rd
Secret message: “We will get them next year!”
Yesterday we finished our notes on commas and did a practice sheet to review for homework.  Many of you failed to complete this task.
Today we learned about dashes and Hyphens.  Be sure to complete the practice sheet tonight.  ONLY the EVENS.
Your Informational Analysis on your nonfiction text is due on Tuesday, January 16th.
There is an example posted on Google Classroom.

Summary:TS: State the main idea of the text (Topic +author’s opinion)

CD’s: Give 3-5 of the most important ideas.  NO commentary!

CS: Wrap up the paragraph by connecting back to the topic sentence.

Remember we are off on Monday, January 15th to observe Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.     Happy Birthday to Mrs. Tucker on the 15th.
Today we are one step closer to starting our informational research papers.  We finished our mini research project on an assigned hero from My Hero Project and tomorrow we will present our groups idea about why these special are so special.

First person who speaks must present the main ideaof how the hero made a difference in their community and a few main facts (location of person, problem)

Next person(s) present 4-5 details/facts that support the main idea (actions, quote of what they said, how they struggled…)

Last person presents a closing statement that summarizes their heroes impact on the world/community (final change, why should we care???)

Make sure you include the following:

  • Location and Problem
  • Steps taken; part of solution
  • Obstacles encountered or overcome
  • Impact on world/community

Be prepared to speak tomorrow.  Practice your part in front of a mirror.      Remember *Presentation grades will be based on eye contact, body posture, clear speaking voice, and quality information.

You should have your nonfiction books with you.  We will begin tomorrow-maybe.

Minimum Day tomorrow.

Reading logs are due on the 23rd this month-keep reading!

Secret Message:  Steelers need to rock the Jaguars.

CHARGE YOUR COMPUTER and have it with you tomorrow.
Happy New Year!!
Types of Sentences/Parts of Speech quiz is this Friday.
Please review your notes on Parts of Speech from 12/4 and the Invasion Game 12/4
Notes on Types of Sentences on 12/7
Be sure to have an informational book(non fiction) book read before we return from winter break.
Spirit Week this week.
Tuesday: Red, White, Blue or Olympics
Wednesday: U.g.l.y Sweater/Shirt otherwise known as “Unique, Gorgeous, Lovely Yarn”
Thursday: Season of Giving Day
Friday: PJ Bottom Day
Today we looked at more ways to write compound sentences and discussed Main Ideas.
Finish your article. “10 year-oldshows how kids can give back” by Robyn Giannini

Today’s strategy – Annotate (using your pencil) specific evidenceto find the main idea.

1. Number paragraphs first (for evidence/reference!)

2. Annotate – Summarize the paragraphs – what are they about?

Last days for Toys for Tots Drive- next Wednesday.
Please choose an informational book to begin reading for our next book report. You should have it completed by when we return on the 2nd of January.
Spirit Week next week.
Wendy’s Night tonight.  Take your flyer!
After school help today.
You should have your Narrative Promos completed.  We will finish them on Wednesday.
We will continue to share our Narrative Gallery today.
Today we will start to present our Narrative Gallery.  I am excited to see which piece of your narrative to highlight.
We will also begin our new Informational unit.
Remember to bring in a new, unwrapped toy or new PJ.s for weeks collections.
Your narratives are due tomorrow. Be sure to review the rubric and checklist below.
If you are reading this, tomorrow we will try and find time for Flashlight Friday.  Bring your favorite childhood book, cozy blanket, and a small flashlight.
Narrative is due on Friday at the start of class.
We will be turning it into Google Classroom.
Continue to revise and edit.

1. Add narrative transitions (suddenly, when I turned..)2. Add short sentences for dramatic spots.

3. Add important dialogue or internal thoughts.

4. Go back and add more figurative language. Do you have a minimum of four examples?

5. Check your verbs! Are you using all of the same tense?

6. Cut out unnecessary sections that do not add emotion, visuals, or drive the plot.

7. Make sure you have new paragraphs for any shift in setting, plot, or dialogue.

Please continue to work on your narrative.
Final draft is due this Friday.

1. Read through your narrative and highlight any examples of passive voice (was, were). Try to change a few sentences into the active voice.

2. Are you in the past or present.

No time traveling!

3. Work on your paragraphs.

New paragraph:

Setting changes

Topic changes

New person talks



Welcome Back.

Last 6 weeks before semester 1.

Stay string, stay diligent!

New Policy:

Please have your computers charged and with you every day.  3 charges in class will result in a lowered citizenship grade.


Happy Thanksgiving
Please be sure to have your narrative complete for when we return from break.
Falling Action, Resolution, and Theme:
  • Your theme must be creatively incorporated into the last paragraphs (Either through internal thought or action).
  • Add more sensory details and figurative language to your narrative; do not let the resolution turn into a summary.

Internal Thinking (From “The Mummy”)I was dozing off from my tiresome adventure, but my hope before I drifted off to sleep was that someday I would be able to tell my children and grandchildren all about the perilous adventure and that courage can help you overcome anything in life, even a mummy wrapped in gauze.

ALL work should be done in your ONE NOTE.
Writing your Rising Action and your Climax:

1. Add transitions (suddenly, when I turned..), especially near the climax. (Look at your transition sheet)2. Add short sentences for dramatic spots.

3. Add important dialogue or internal thoughts to add more emotion.

4. Add sensory details and figurative language, especially similes and metaphors. When finished, your narrative should have at least one example of EACH type of figurative language.

Study for your Narrative/Figurative Language Quiz Tomorrow.
See below for details on quiz
Writing your lead:

The start of a narrative (the lead) should grab or hook the reader into the character’s life and conflictAction with precise details:    I slid out of bed, tip toed across the creaky wooden floors in the cabin, and carefully opened the cedar door covered in dust and cobwebs.

Dialogue:      Dad,” I whispered in the early morning, “I get to go fishing with you, right?””You’re the first one up,” Dad whispered back. “The early bird gets the worm…or the fish,” he chuckled while changing the lines on his fishing poles.

Internal Thoughts:     I glanced around the cabin at my sleeping brother and sister and wondered why they would waste a vacation day snoring in bed. To me, it felt like Christmas morning as I tiptoed across the wooden floor. But I wasn’t dreaming about shiny packages and overflowing stockings. My dreams involved a small fishing boat, a still lake, the rising sun, and a quiet morning fishing with my dad.

Study for your Narrative/Figurative Language Quiz this Wednesday.
Use your notes from One Note to review Figurative Language and Sensory Detail:
Simile, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole,Alliteration,Personification
Review the parts of a narrative: exposition, conflict(person vs. self,person,nature,society,fate), developed rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, theme, setting(place,time, environment,mood). character (internal and external), and point of view(1st or 3rd).
After school help has been moved to Wednesday this week.

Sample Narrative – The Catfish

dialogue-rules 2017

Today we started working our of plot mountain for our own personal narratives.
Please have them completed for Monday.  Be as detailed as possible and make sure you have a conflict and a clear climax or the turning point in the story.  Remember to show not tell your setting.
Our Narrative Elements and Figurative Language Quiz is this Thursday, November 16th.
Remember to  wear jeans Monday to show support to our Soldiers- past and present!!!
Did you turn in you Narrative Analysis on time?  Easy one point.
Secret phrase for those of you that look at Pershing Rocks is “Four days until Sam is home.”   Shh- Keep it a secret.  Whisper it to me when we say Good Morning.

We read the sample narrative “The Catfish” to have a model narrative for our personal narratives.  We will finish mapping the plot mountain tomorrow.

If you are absent tomorrow, we will start plotting our own stories.  You will need to create your own plot mountain.

Your Narrative Analysis is due tomorrow. See 11/6/17 for details.

Your paragraph should be a response to one of the two prompts on Google Classroom. Be sure to include a creative element to add in some art to our class!

Camp Q and A is tonight at 6 pm.

Your  book report analysis is due this Thursday.  You should have one of the prompts answered using a CERT paragraph.  You have the examples on Google Classroom if you need help.  Remember to add a  creative piece to showcase your paragraph. It can be a draw watermark, a scene from the setting or symbol from the narrative,  or a 3D representation.

Your brainstorm for a Socratic Seminar (what is the best trait to have in the midst of conflict) is due tomorrow.


Great game last night!
Please complete your book web.  Each section should be complete with evidence from your text.
If you had a hard time filling out the web, maybe you need to reread parts of your narrative.  Remember- you should have read this narrative already.
We will continue working on our narrative book report this week and will be due next Thursday, November 9th.
Crazy Hair tomorrow.
Happy Halloween. Be safe!
Dress up for Halloween tomorrow.  Be creative.  You do not need to go out and spend a lot of money to enjoy the day.
Complete the elements of a narrative on the back of your cloud hand out.
Identify and find evidence for the theme, setting(mood, time, place, environment),point of view, conflict, and character traits(internal and external)
If your were absent today, please read the story and answer the above questions on lined paper.
You should also have your “clouds” complete for tomorrow’s activity.
“Shaving”  is posted on Google Classroom.
Pink Panther  Out tomorrow to support Breast Cancer Month.  Wear your pink!
Please reread All American Slurp tonight.
Have your Socratic Seminar questions ready for our discussion tomorrow.
Do you have your fiction book pick out yet?  If you have not finished reading it- you have homework this weekend.  We will begin our book report next week.
Wear Red tomorrow to support our NO Bullying at Pershing.
Have 4-5 different etiquette examples ready to share for tomorrow on your sticky note.
You should have read a fictional book by know and have it checked out again or should be reading one as we speak.  We will begin our Fictional Book Report in the next week or so.  The book should have been read during the current school year or had just finished it when school began.
Please find a fiction book that you have recently read.  It should have been read within this school year.  If you need to check it out again from the library- please do so now.
Be sure to finish reading or read the narrative “Eleven” pages 465-468 for Monday’s class discussion.
Spirit Week next week.
Peace Out to Drugs- Wear your school colors.
Remember to wear blue tomorrow for Anti- Bullying Month.
PBnJ check will happen tomorrow.  Be sure to have your supplies, independent reading book, journals, computer-charged, and binder.  Your binder should be organized.  Nothing should be in the front or middle pockets.  All of your papers should be filed in their own sections.
Please check your grades.  Can you do a fix-it on a writing piece or quiz?  See me at lunch or stay after school next Tuesday.


Please review your goals with your parents from P1 grades. Parents sign sheets.

Charge your computers for our Lexile test on Monday.


Handy Transitions 2017


Are your camp forms in?  How about your Federal Survey Forms?

Finish your brainstorm on the Lion and the Wild Boar that should have been completed in class.

Transitional Words Quiz

Rags to Riches


We have a brand new start to our citizenship grades starting today.  Remember that citizenship is more than sitting quietly. Be sure to be prepared for class each and every day.  Charge your computers, have them with you, and have your PBnJ out and ready for the start of class.  Volunteer your thoughts and complete your starter activities.

Wendy’s Night to support our 6th grade camp trip in March is tomorrow night. Turn in your flyer and we could earn a free Frosty.

Your Federal Survey Papers should be in already.  Please return tomorrow.

Camp forms should also be turned in ASAP.  We need to figure the total cost of camp.

We will continue to work on proving the theme this week getting ready for our first on demand writing prompt this Thursday.

Minimum Day is this Wednesday.  10/11/17.


Capitalization and character trait quiz tomorrow. Review your notes.

Class zone

Rags to Riches Capitalization Game

Capitalization Jeopardy



Happy October

We have a capitalization and character trait mini quiz this Wednesday.  Please review your notes from your binder.  We will also be reviewing in class.

Remember that you can fix-it a quiz or paper with in two weeks of getting the paper or quiz back.

I will begin after school help this Tuesday from 2:15-3:00.  You must sign into Prime Time first.


It was fun seeing everyone’s parents at Back to School Night last night.  Please continue to keep communicating with me via email or phone.  I would love for students to start emailing me themselves. It is a useful skill for them to learn early- self advocacy.


Charge your computers each night and bring them each day.

20 minutes of reading each night.  Maybe re read “Greyling” tonight focusing on the parts of the plot and the conflict that Greyling faced.  Refer back to your notes from today’s decision.

Parts of a Essay quiz is this Wednesday.  Please review your rough drafts from your Shades of Me paper.  You will need your computer here and charged.

We started our next mini lesson today on Capitalization Rules.  Please keep your notes in your binder under English section along with your conflict notes.

Back to School Night is this Wednesday night.  September 27th.  Please visit the book fair that night and support our classroom and library.

Context Clues Millionaire Game

Context Clues Millionaire Game II

Context Clues Jeopardy

Context Clue Jeopardy Lab


Great job turning in your Shades of Me papers.

Remember to charge your computers each night and bring them with you every day.  COMPLETELY shut off your computers BEFORE you leave campus.

Rags to Riches Genre Game


First paper check!  Please keep your rough draft in your binder until I ask you to take it out.  Be sure to turn it in tomorrow if you did not today.  It will be late and it will affect your citizenship grade.

Tomorrow we will begin our Narrative unit.  Please continue to explore the different genres on your reading logs.

ALL questions regarding computer issue should be addressed to Mr. Hawthorne via parent email.

Remember to charge your computer each night and bring your computers to school each and every day.


Please finish typing your Shades of Me papers tonight.  We had a lot of time in class today.  You should have completed in class or be close to finishing it.  We will print tomorrow in class.

Remember to double space your paragraphs, using Times New Roman, and size 12. Create a clever title.  You should not have the words shades of me in it at all.

Please charge your computers- make sure the charger plug clicks and the red button turns on. You need your computers with you every day.

Read 20 minutes each and every day.


Another great week.

I hope you are excited about your computers.  Please remember that they are on loan. We do not use them for games, music, or let anyone in our family borrow them.  Please find a safe place to charge your computer each and every night.  You need to have your computer with you every day.

We will type up our papers tomorrow and print them in class on Tuesday.

9/12/17     Half Day tomorrow.   Fire Drill practice tomorrow in 3 period.

I will stamp the conclusion tomorrow.


TAG conclusion 2017.PNG

I gave you 2 days to complete your body. Please make sure you have at least 9 sentences. At least 3 sentences per trait. Explain your trait, connect it to your symbol and then give a reason or example as to how you are your trait,

We will type our papers on Monday in class after we receive our computers this Friday.

Please work on your rough drafts some tonight.  I will give you more time tomorrow in class.


Business:   Remember to bring recyclable bags tomorrow for your textbooks. ALL paperwork from the office is due tomorrow.  Please review that you signed each paper and that you included the lunch form as well.  The office would like it returned even if you know that you will not qualify.

Today we started our Shades of Me paper.  Please DO NOT work ahead.  Each paper will be divided piece by piece.

We reviewed several examples for the introduction.  I will stamp it tomorrow for homework.

introduction -Robe9/6/17

Today we worked hard to think about what character traits we would use to describe us and which symbol would represent those traits.  Your brainstorm is due tomorrow.

Shades of Me Info Sheet

brainstorm shark 2017.PNG

REMEMBER to turn in your office packet ASAP.  Due FRIDAY.

August 2017

WOW- What a great first week!

You all did an amazing job dealing with the heat and flowing through your schedules.  Welcome to our Pershing family.

I will use this site to explain assignments, projects, and post up quiz and test dates.

Day to day assignments should be recorded in your planner when you walk into class each morning.  Please stay organized and use your planner to review your assignments and stay up to date on your work. I will not have each and every assignment posted here. You should use your planner each and every day to record daily assignments, projects, quizzes,tests, and and your outside school activities.

Our focus this week was to build a community within our classroom and to use teamwork and cooperative skills to help us get to know each other and our school rules.

Textbooks will be picked up this Friday during your math classes.  Please plan on getting a ride home that day and bring a reusable bag to carry them in.

You should have reviewed both your syllabus and planner and turned in the syllabus agreement on Friday.

Our first reading log is due at the end on the semester on January 24th. Please record your books as you read them. Remember you can use our classroom library to check out a book if you need one. You should be reading 20 minutes each and every night!


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