Social Studies


Thursday, October 18

Today we finished notes on the geography of Mesopotamia and created a skit to summarize the key notes from that section.

Homework:  Finish your Middle East map!  Checked tomorrow!

Wednesday 10-18

Today we continued practicing our Cornell notes as we learn about “The Rise of Sumer”.

Homework: Notebook check FRIDAY

Tuesday, October 17

Today we began exploring the Middle East map by labeling and color-coding the major areas.  We also started our new unit on Mesopotamia by setting up a new Table of Contents in our notebook.

Homework:  Work on your Middle East map.  This will be checked for a grade on Thursday.  All areas listed should be labeled and country borders should be outlined or colored.

Monday 10-16: Today we reviewd notes on the 6 parts of civilizations, connected the ideas to Weslandia

Homework: Notebook check this week

Thursday 10-12: We read about the ancient city of Catal Hoyuk and worked in teams to experience early life as “traders.”

Homework:  The study guide is due tomorrow- Early Man test is tomorrow.

Wednesday (10/11)-Notes on the parts of civilizations and GRAPES structure

HW-Study for your Early Human/Stone Age Quiz Friday 10/13 and complete your study guide(DUE 10/13)

Tuesday (10/10)-Notes on the development and parts of civilizations plus Early Human/Stone Age review for our quiz on 10/13

Homework: Finish study guide by Friday.  Quiz on Friday!!!!

Tuesday, October 3

Today was the last day for the Otzi project in class. Please finish at home.

Homework:  Finish (and cut out) the Otzi frame. Don’t forget to  add citations of the sources you used on the back.  The Africa map quiz is still THursday.

Otzi Research

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4


Tuesday, September 26

Today we reviewed the Africa map and took notes on the early hominids and their tools.

Homework:  Please finish the notes on early hominids (pages 30-32 in your textbook).  Study for the Africa map quiz.

Tuesday, September 19

Today we finished up color-coding the geography of our continents.

Homework:  Nothing new!  We are finishing the project soon, so there will be some short upcoming homework assignments.

Tuesday, September 5

Today we took our world map quiz (see me at lunch or during class tomorrow to make-up).  We also finished labeling latitude/longitude and setting up our papers for our globe project.



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