Social Studies

We have our Israel unit quiz next Wednesday, December 15th.  Our study guide will be due on the 15th as well.

We will grade our journals in class on Thursday.

Thursday, December 7

Today we finished teaching the Jewish holy days and we began Cornell notes on the Jewish revolt and migration.

Homework:   The Israel test is Wednesday, December 13.  The Israel notebook check is Thursday, December 14.

Wednesday, November 29

Today we compared Hammurabi’s Code of Laws to the 10 commandments and began our “Important People of Israel” trading cards.  We will continue those in class tomorrow.

Homework: Make-up any missing or incomplete pages in your Israel notebook.

Dead Sea Websites
Wednesday, November 8

Today we took Cornell notes on the Phoenicians. (pages 78-79).

Homework:  Notebook check is Monday, Nov. 13th.  Continue the Mesopotamia study guide – the Mesopotamia test is Tuesday, Nov. 14th.

Tuesday, November 7

Today we started our Mesopotamia Study Guide (on a “cuneiform” paper) and reviewed the empires with a game show.

Homework:  Notebook check is Monday, November 13th.  Please “interact” with each page!  Highlight key ideas, annotate, etc.

Please work on your study guide – due Tuesday, November 14th.  The Mesopotamia quiz is Tuesday, November 14th.

Monday, November 6

Today we finished our empire notes.

Homework:  Hang out and interact with your Empire notes. (highlight, annotate).


Today we took our Middle East Map quiz.

Tuesday the Hammurabi flyer is due.

An example of CERT paragraph. Should be Times New Roman, double spaces, and Font 12.

Hammurabi’s Code of Laws is fair OR unfair. One reason Hammurabi’s Code is fair OR unfair is because_____. For example, in law #### it states, “________” (CITE SOURCE). This laws shows why Hammurabi’s Code is fair OR unfair because____. *Repeat for reasons #2 and #3. In conclusion, I believe Hammurabi’s Code of Laws are fair OR cruel for myself and the citizens of the Babylonian empire.

Remember that you are taking on the perspective of a citizen. You are a member of the Babylonian society creating a flyer to either supporting or protesting the laws.You can type or write the title of the flyer and the law. Be sure to include the entire law and #.

You cartoon should be colored and clearly show the law that wrong broken and the consequences. Use speech bubbles or captions to explain the action.  Keep it G rated.


Hammurabi’s Codes – Fair or Cruel


Halloween 10-31

Today we walked in the shoes of ancient Sumerians and tried to write our names in cuneiform with styluses and clay tablets.

Homework:  Finish all Hammurabi Cornell notes.  Review for next week’s Middle East map quiz.  The quiz is Friday, November 3.

Thursday (10/26)Sumerian achievement reflection, Hammurabi’s Code of Laws Cornell Notes (pgs. 74-745)

HW-Finish your Hammurabi’s Code of Laws notes

Thursday, October 18

Today we finished notes on the geography of Mesopotamia and created a skit to summarize the key notes from that section.

Homework:  Finish your Middle East map!  Checked tomorrow!

Wednesday 10-18

Today we continued practicing our Cornell notes as we learn about “The Rise of Sumer”.

Homework: Notebook check FRIDAY

Tuesday, October 17

Today we began exploring the Middle East map by labeling and color-coding the major areas.  We also started our new unit on Mesopotamia by setting up a new Table of Contents in our notebook.

Homework:  Work on your Middle East map.  This will be checked for a grade on Thursday.  All areas listed should be labeled and country borders should be outlined or colored.

Monday 10-16: Today we reviewd notes on the 6 parts of civilizations, connected the ideas to Weslandia

Homework: Notebook check this week

Thursday 10-12: We read about the ancient city of Catal Hoyuk and worked in teams to experience early life as “traders.”

Homework:  The study guide is due tomorrow- Early Man test is tomorrow.

Wednesday (10/11)-Notes on the parts of civilizations and GRAPES structure

HW-Study for your Early Human/Stone Age Quiz Friday 10/13 and complete your study guide(DUE 10/13)

Tuesday (10/10)-Notes on the development and parts of civilizations plus Early Human/Stone Age review for our quiz on 10/13

Homework: Finish study guide by Friday.  Quiz on Friday!!!!

Tuesday, October 3

Today was the last day for the Otzi project in class. Please finish at home.

Homework:  Finish (and cut out) the Otzi frame. Don’t forget to  add citations of the sources you used on the back.  The Africa map quiz is still THursday.

Otzi Research

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4


Tuesday, September 26

Today we reviewed the Africa map and took notes on the early hominids and their tools.

Homework:  Please finish the notes on early hominids (pages 30-32 in your textbook).  Study for the Africa map quiz.

Tuesday, September 19

Today we finished up color-coding the geography of our continents.

Homework:  Nothing new!  We are finishing the project soon, so there will be some short upcoming homework assignments.

Tuesday, September 5

Today we took our world map quiz (see me at lunch or during class tomorrow to make-up).  We also finished labeling latitude/longitude and setting up our papers for our globe project.



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