Tutoring is Thursdays after school 2:15 to around 3:15.

Thursday, October 19

Today we learned about how setting affects plot and started our setting travel flyer on “The Wounded Wolf.”  This is a partner activity.

Homework:  Keep reading!

What to include:

    • Creative Title
    • Travel Company Name
    • Team member names
    • Title and author of book
    • At least one image
    • Quality CERT answers to the following 3 questions:
      • How does the setting create conflict in the story?


  • How is the setting helpful to the protagonist?
  • What is the significance or importance of the line, “This is the season of starvation?”


Homophone Practice

Homophone Car Rally

Homophone Express

Homophone Matching

Lexile Testing Link

Wednesday, October 18

Today we completed a creative setting project.  Working in teams, students used a google doc to write a poem describing the setting of an image.  A few teams presented their idea to the class.

Homework:  Read please.  Return any missing camp forms!

Tuesday, October 17

Today we took notes on setting and applied this knowledge to the narrative “The Circuit” (all notes were in our English OneNote).  We also read “The Wounded Wolf” in our orange literature books to prepare for our setting studies.

Monday, October 16

Today we took the Lexile Reading Inventory to learn more about our reading levels.  Students had the opportunity to write down titles of books at their level.  We then finished our commonalities poster to find similar themes, conflicts, and character traits across three different texts.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes!  Please see me for practice with writing on Thursdays.

Thursday, October 12

Today students wrote an on-demand prompt proving the theme in “The Lion and the Boar.”  We created an online notebook (OneNote) and practiced printing resources to this virtual binder.

Homework:  Keep reading 20 minutes each night.

Wednesday, October 11

Today we read “The Lion and the Boar” by Aesop and completed a brainstorming sheet (with peer support) to prepare for tomorrow’s on demand writing prompt.  (One complete body paragraph proving the theme).  We also reviewed transition words and students practiced choosing correct transitions in an online practice.

Homework:  Read 20 minutes.  Make sure you have a complete brainstorming sheet to prove the theme for “The Lion and the Boar.”



Transition rags to riches

October 10th

Today we read another narrative, “The Circuit” pg 66.  We then analyzed a few questions about the story and talked about the theme.  In groups, they worked to write a theme statement, and find evidence and write commentary to prove the theme.

Homework: Please turn camp forms in!

We are writing a prompt Thursday!



Rags to Riches Capitalization Game

Classzone Capitalization Quiz

Capitalization Jeopardy

October 2nd

We have a capitalization and character trait mini quiz this Wednesday.  Please review your notes from your binder.  We will also be reviewing in class.

Friday September 29

Today we continued work on posters identifying and proving character traits of characters from narratives we have read this year. Students also read “Aarons Gift” on pg 112 of their orange literature textbook.
Homework: Start your plot analysis diagram for “Greyling”.

Tuesday, September 26

Today we reviewed the five main conflicts and learned about the series of events in plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution).

Homework:  See me if you missed Friday’s essay review quiz.  Read 20 minutes.  If you did not already do so, read “Greyling” on page 291 of your orange literature book.

Genre Studies

Rags to Riches Genre Game

Vocabulary Practice

Context Clues Millionaire Game

Context Clues Millionaire Game II

Tuesday, September 19 

Today students printed their shades of me essays and had some time to work on a group inspirational quote based on the first weeks readings.

Homework: Read 20 minutes.

Monday, September 18


Thursday September 14th

Today we revised our shades of me essays one more time, had time to work independently, and read and annotated an informational article.

Homework: Make sure you turned in your pink forms for computer use!  Shades of me due on Tuesday! We will start typing in class tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 5

Today we brainstormed a symbol for our Shades of Me essay and started the brainstorming sheet.

Shades of Me Info Sheet

Homework:  Finish and extend your Shades of Me brainstorming sheet. The more info, the better!



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